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Reasons Law School is Tough

Before going to law school, there’s a strong chance a lot of people told you how hard it is. Of course, it won’t matter what they say because you wouldn’t let them block your way in your dreams of one day becoming a lawyer. Besides, you’ll eventually know if you’re up to the challenge once you start the first few subjects. It won’t be long before you’ll admit it’s tough and here are the reasons why:

Only One Exam Matters

Despite all the short quizzes and long exams in all your subjects in law school, none of those things actually matter. The exam that matters is the very long test you’ll take once you graduate. It’s so long that it takes up an entire month. Also, it’s so hard that only a small percentage of the people pass the exam every year. In fact, there are some people who have taken the exam multiple times and still can’t pass it. Yes, this exam has driven people crazy. There are a lot of law students that say they’ve studied so hard for it but still come up short.

Barely Any Feedback

In case you fail the bar exam, you won’t get any feedback. Yes, you won’t know where you went wrong and where you went right. Hence, it would be up to you to remember what you answered. Yes, it’s easier said than done since it’s a very long exam so you’ll need to rely on what you remember. After you remember some of the questions of the exam, you can research them on what the answer is so you’ll know if you got them correct or not.

Not much help for law essay writing. One of the requirements to finish law school is the law essay. Unfortunately, you’ll need to do extensive research to get this task done. Furthermore, this isn’t like thesis where you can have groupmates to help you out. You’re on your own so you’ll only have 2 to 3 hours of sleep for each day you write it. In fact, there may even be some days when you’ll have zero hours of sleep so drink lots of coffee.

As much as how tough law school is, it’s going to be worth it once it’s all over. When you become a lawyer, you’ll earn respect among your colleagues. You won’t even remember how hard law school was. You can completely concentrate on the benefits of being a lawyer. Of course, that doesn’t even factor the huge income you’ll earn when you start to work. In fact, the starting salary for lawyers is pretty big for other employees. Hence, when you get more experience, it can only increase. Yes, the sky is the limit when you’re finally a lawyer. All you need to do is to stay focused and take care of your clients. If you perform well, they’ll definitely refer you to their friends who also need lawyers. It won’t be long before you build a good reputation as a dedicated counsel.


What is active reading?


We all read regularly but what percentage of material we remember after one or two readings? Well, that depends on our learning technique if we are reading actively or passively. Active reading is the one in which we concentrate on ideas whereas in passive reading we just focus on words.


How active reading helps?


Saving of time– If we have to write an essay, the best thing to do is active reading through which the ideas of the content will be put into an essay. It will save the time as well.


Better structuring– In the exam, all the essential traits of the topic will automatically come into mind. There will be better structuring and formatting of the answer which will help fetching good grades as the answer reader will face no boringness while reading the particular essay or answer in the exam.


What are the stages of active reading?


It involves four stages in general which are as follows:


Previewing- have a general view of the content and questions asked in the essay or while writing the exam constitute previewing stage.


Marking- marking the important words and sentences with the pen will automatically make those sentences to be kept in mind for long


Reading with concentration– have read with full concentration. Focus not only on words but the essential idea is given in the essay. Sometimes words are indifferent to the ideas.


Reviewing – have a final glance at the content so that whatever read is retained in the mind.


What are the strategies of active reading?


Following are the strategies of active reading which will help generate an awesome web of words and will fetch good grades. (it is said that words talk so talk with examiner through the words in the exam )


Assimilating old and new ideas– activate background knowledge so that old and new ideas can be mixed up.


Questions framing– each sentence can be viewed as a question so it will be easy to answer in the exam


Analyzing– analyze the text structure and understand the main idea behind the topic


Visualization– form visual images of the text that will help in easy capturing while writing a test.


Summarizing– remove all the unnecessary content from the mind and summarize the ideas.


Thus active reading will increase the writing speed. All the relevant things will suddenly come into the mind without wasting the time. Ultimately, the outcome will be good grades.